Friday, March 30, 2007

Why so many questions?

I don't understand why when I first chose to come to Ohio State most people around me gave me such a hard time about it. I kept getting the same questions about why would I go to such a large school when I come from such a small town. Well thats exactly why I chose OSU, to get away from the small town life. I love the town I live in but I'm tired of everyone knowing every little detail of my life. I like being at a school where I don't know everyone and everyone doesn't know me. It's a whole new start and a whole new beginning for me. I now come to expect the same questions from about the same people, most of them just wondering why I would possibly want to go to OSU. I now just tell them because it's big and it's just a totally new experience that I have never had and it's totally opposite from anything before.