Thursday, April 12, 2007

Creepy at Night

I was in Columbus last night visiting my sister and I was hit with the realization that it’s creepy at night on campus. I mean I always have known it’s creepy and never to walk around alone at night but driving around it came very apparent to me that it is not what I am expecting next year. I’ve never really had to worry about my surrounding at night until I came to college because back home it was never an issue. Coming from a small town does have its highlights. For example; I never locked my car at night and I even left the keys in the car during the day because I can trust the people in my town and it’s just something we don’t worry about.
I now can’t even leave my keys in my car when I go home because I’m so use to locking my door and always having my keys with me because of being here at college. Not being able to trust the people around me was something I had to get use to coming to college because I was so use to being able to trust my neighbors around me at home. Going to main campus next year is going to be me a wake up call for me because right now I think I know how it will be and that I will be able to handle any problem that may come my way. But I know that if someone would break into my car or anything like that I would not know what to do because I’m not use to having to keep my guard up around people and neighbors. I know that once I’m there and get use to my surroundings I will be fine it will just take some getting use too.


jessica myers said...

Coming from experience, I know exactly what you mean. I used to go to Main Campus, and I had a night class the first quarter I was there. Let me tell you, it was very creepy walking all by myself at night back to my dorm. I lived in Morrill Tower, and if you don't know where that is, it's the tower directly behind the football stadium. So I walked all the way from South Campus to West 9 at night. SO I definitely know what you mean. Life there is fun, but walking by yourself, crazy. I hope that it's not your only experience of the night life in Columbus, because it can be fun. Where exactly are you from? You mention small town, so I was just curious :)

Derek John Boczkowski said...


A nice post in which you use a specific example to make a larger point. Bravo. Make sure to get your list of links to your classmates' blogs up! Next, prepare to link to outside sources to support the ideas on your posts. 5/5

Derek John Boczkowski said...

Oh, and your title is misspelled.