Friday, April 27, 2007

Wren...Where is that?

When people ask me where I’m from I don’t even say Wren, I just say Van Wert Country area because no one knows where Wren is, especially because it’s not even on some maps! I thought it was so weird that one of my friends couldn’t grasp the concept of having to drive fifteen minutes to get to my high school, and twenty minuets to get to the nearest grocery. I was talking to my friend Crystal at work the other day and she still can’t comprehend that the town I live in only has two main roads. I laugh every time we compare our home towns because she grew up in Dayton and has lived in a big city all of her life. I even still have a hard time imagining growing up in a city instead of on a farm out in the middle of no where.
I never really thought about people not understanding where I live because I live around other small towns and I’ve never had to explain it all before I got to college. It definitely is a different experience because I’m not use to just being able to drive down the road to the nearest Wal-Mart. I usually have to drive twenty minuets to get to one. It also is weird because back home we only went into town if we had a main purpose whereas here we’re already in town and can just jump into the car if we feel the need to go somewhere.


Patrick Sullivan said...
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Patrick Sullivan said...

Very good blog. I myself grew up in a big city. I know exactly how it is grow up in both big cities and small cities because my dad grew up in a small town called Mount Sterling. My grandfather lives their still as of today and we are always going their to see him. The town is so much different then Pickerington. In Pickerington you cant go 100 yards with out a traffic light and in Mount Sterling I think the town has a total of 3 traffic lights. I honestly dont mind the small town living but would still rather be in the city. Over all though very good blog entry.

Nodie said...

hey elizabeth, i really like your blog. i grew up in a big city so driving 20 mins. would be wierd. even now i live in columbus and everything is around me. how do u feel now that your in Newark, i mean its not as big as the city, but its a pretty good town.well i hate it up, i rather live in columbus than up here. but oh well i guess. lol. anyways keep doing good on your blogs.

Tabby said...

I grew up in a small little town that only has one stop light and a bunch of dirt roads. To get to a friends house I have to drive about 10-15 minutes just to go over to their house. Although, I like living in the country because its quite and no one bugs you, but it is hard for me to get away with anything because my family lives in this little town called Marne, where everyone knows you!

Derek John Boczkowski said...


A couple things. First, a solid entry, but remember to make sure the focus of each is different enough so that you don’t find yourself repeating yourself. You may want to actually showcase Wren in a future blog. Second, a couple grammatical issues: “nowhere” is one word and it should read “I’m not used to just being able to drive.” Fine overall. Me, I grew up in a sleepy subrub south of Chicago and couldn't wait to get inside the city. I'm still missing the "Wild Onion," I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

and now a poem:

"Small Town" (Haiku)

i walk and i sleep
the opposite of big town
in the post office

Anonymous said... this a good thing or a bad thing that you can just jump in the car and get to wherever you're going in less than 5 mins? When I came to Newark, I was surprised because to me it's a pretty small town. When I went to Walmart with my boyfriend, we couldn't go 2 feet without someone stopping him to talk about high school or something. He knew almost everyone and I felt like such an outsider. Living in the city, you can have your anonymity for the most part. It's easier to avoid people. I lived 10 minutes from Easton and I would be surprised if I saw people from my high school there because it is so big.

Buster said...

Just tell them, "I'm from a farm, yessireebob." Did you smash mailboxes and tip cows?

I prefer living somewhere where I don't have to drive to get places. Chicago's the best. Though NYC was a pretty cool place to live as well.

Cars are the killers of the planet. Don't drive! Walk, Bike or take public transportation!

Mike said...

And I thought my suburban childhood was 'small town.' We had to drive to get anywhere, but mostly because we wanted to get away from where we were. 30 minutes put us in San Francisco and all it's big city adventures.
Somehow our day to day surroundings didn't seem as cool (even if they were, looking back now).

Geoff said...

Hi, visiting from defective yeti. You pick good topics to write about, so your blog was interesting to read! I would say you have some room for improvement in your writing, but that's what college is for!

And congrats on going to a bigger school; seeking out challenges and different experiences is a good thing.