Thursday, May 10, 2007


I can’t stop thinking about how I have to leave all my friends from school in about 4 weeks. Every time I think about leaving school and moving back home for the summer, I start to freak out. I can’t imagine my summer without the friends I have now, whom all have become very close to me and have become my best friends. I think about how different I am now than I was when I first moved to college. I feel as if when I go home and see my friends from high school that we won’t have that bond anymore and I’m afraid that we won’t be as close. Obviously we all won’t be as close having spent a year apart at different schools, but I am scared that I’ll loose those friendships along with the ones I made from college.

I am looking forward however to going back home for the summer. I miss my small community and also my family. I know that once the summer starts and I get into a routine that everything with friends will be ok. Yet, I still feel like next year when we go back to school the friends that I have now won’t be as close to me anymore. I’m sure that I am just over reacting but I can’t help think of loosing my friends that I have made this year because they just mean that much too me.


Derek John Boczkowski said...
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Derek John Boczkowski said...


Nice, but a few notes.

1) Start including links that support your main ideas--if you are worried about losing friends, try an applicable article on the subject about college students who lose track of their childhood friends. Work on making some links supportive of the post.

2) I wanted you to try a different format for this. Work on different ways to present your posts like those we've read in class. It could be a survey/questionnaire ("Are you from a small town? Take this quiz") or a list (Top 5 ways to ease into the transition of big city living") or whatever. But work on different styles.

3) Put spaces between your paragrahs. See me if you're having trouble.

4)You mean to write "lose," (opposite of "win") not "loose" (opposite of "tight"). Remember, the extra "o" makes the word too "loose" to fit for "lose."

4/5 (format)